How long we've waited for answers

The MWCC welcomes reasonable public debate...We will always try to respond to reasonable questions.
— Mount Wellington Cableway Company

The MWCC FAQ's are informative, but they leave a long list of queries un-answered...

  1. Has the MWCC's "Target Opening Day" of Thursday April 16, 2020 been changed since the announcement by CUB that they will not allow a cable car to be built anywhere on their land?
  2. In return for the transfer of the summit of the city's mountain, how much does MWCC guarantee to give back?
  3. Emergency response. The mountain is wild, and its weather unpredictable, machinery is under stress, the towers are high. How do you plan to evacuate people from mid-air half-way up the Organ Pipes cliff face in a gale?
  4. Who will do the Environmental Impact Statement for you?
  5. How many days is the road "closed"?
  6. Another reason the mountain top monstrosity is below the lip is to shield the structure from the RADIATION emitted by the Communication Towers. Please explain.
  7. Stop ignoring this question: How much is it going to cost the ordinary local person to ride the cable car?
  8. During the meticulous, robust, quadruple bottom line economic, social, environmental and ethical calculations phase of your wonderful project, did you ever ask your model: What would be the economic impact of the road being closed? And if you did ask, what did the model predict? And if you didn't, would you please ask it?
  9. How much money have you got, so far, for the construction cost? Who are the likely financiers? Have you talked to any Russian or Chinese oligarchs? Any Korean millionaires? Surely, they will see the economic benefits? Have any agreements been reached? 
  10. Who is the MWCC's bank?
  11. Now that a base station at The Cascades alongside Cascade Brewery has been refused, what has changed? Now all the traffic management and the car park and the new road are not to be constructed; now that the pylons to the Golden Gully are not to be errected and the mid park station not to be built and gondolas not to be purchased; now that the entire access and site for the base station has changed: has the cost changed? Will the MWCC go back to feasibility? Will it develop a new economic model? Will it commence consultation?