No more than a thought bubble, the Mount Wellington cable car company's Community Foundation appears to be an attempt, through worthless or meaningless pledges and vague promises, to obtain a social licence to operate.

The MWCC says it has "set itself a promise of allocating close to half a million dollars of revenue per annum towards charitable and social programs". Sounds good, but a promise is not a guarantee.

Firstly, the MWCC says its Foundation would offer sporting organisations logistic support. Support is not funding.

Secondly, “funds” are offered toward the co-funding of mountain bike tracks. No approval has been sought for any track. It is the kind of promise that can be kept alive for years without actually spending anything.

The best known Foundation proposal is for a "Classroom in the Clouds". No actual classroom is shown on the plans, but the Foundation says it will provide a free ride on the cable car to the Pinnacle for every school in Tasmania and some presumably educational experience while up there.

MWCC pledge to subsidise the cost for school excursions to the summit and back for every school in Tasmania.
— Mount Wellington Cableway Company

Travel to The Pinnacle is free now—and always has been—so the offer is perplexing. It comes with conditions. And the proviso that it is not the MWCC's first priority. The classroom in the clouds was announced without reference to the national curriculum or the practicalities of school excursions. No details for the classroom itself or the lessons have been released. The idea is not educational, it is promotional. Stating that “every Tasmanian student deserves to learn more about the fragile environment we live in”, A cable car would present an excellent case study in how to destroy a fragile environment for corporate gain.

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There is no charge to go to the summit today—and there never has been. The offer is worthless. Visiting the mountain has always been free for children and adults alike.
— Mountain Preservation Society
Travellers will leave knowing just a little more of the mountain’s story.
— Mount Wellington cable car company
You can learn a lot more of the mountain’s story online. In a cable car you never need set foot upon the mountain.
— Mountain Preservation Society