On the Mount Wellington cable car's website doubt is not permitted.

The MWCC’s Have Your Say page says it "welcomes reasonable public debate".

Then refuses to publish a single criticism.

What kind of welcome, what kind of reason, what kind of debate, what kind of invitation to "Have Your Say" is that? 

Instead, more than 100 letters (containing over 10,000 words) extol the project for improving access or magnifying local pride, for engendering excitement, boosting the economy or promising new facilities. Depressingly, the most frequent comment is not about any benefit, but instead lambasts opponents as not only ignorant and sentimental but also obstinately anti-everything without good reason and therefore being undesirable. They are also a minority and writer after writer argues, therefore that it is perfectly legitimate to ignore whatever they say.

The MWCC welcomes reasonable public debate...and invites readers to “Have Your Say”
— Mount Wellington Cableway Company
One of the characteristic, if not defining, marks of the MWCC is that it does not welcome debate.
— Louise Sales, Friends of the Earth

MWCC cyber-squatting

The MWCC has also attempted to stop others from "Having their Say" in alternative forums by buying the domain names of opponents (like Respect the Mountain) and even non-existent groups like nocablecar.com. When this cybersquatting was exposed, an MWCC spokesperson claimed the domains were bought “for potential future business opportunities and to ensure they are not taken by competitors”. How is nocablecar.com a “business opportunity” or “a competitor”? The true purpose was obvious: to frustrate opposition and stifle debate. Read more here.

The consequence is that those who genuinely express a view in favour are as deceived as those who wrote against the idea because this was never a place for debate or reason: the invitation was a sham. This is the path to hate speech and beyond. The expression of counter-views is not only crucial to the outcome, it is crucial to civil society.

Here is a place for those who respect the mountain, who love it, and who want it preserved. Have your say below. Read others.

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