In 2013 the MWCC's chief backer, the company Riser + Gain, bought the internet domain name kunyani.com and 11 other kunanyi-related domain names: kunanyi.com.au, kunanyi.org, kunanyicablecar.net, kunanyicablecar.com, kunanyi.net.au, kunanyicafe.com, kunanyicablecar.com.au, kunanyicablecar.net.au, nokunanyicablecar.com, nokunanyicablecar.info, nokunanyicablecar.net and nokunanyicablecar.org.

MWCC sought no permission, and when the cyber-squatting was discovered, the company's CEO Adrian Bold sneered, saying that the internet belonged to nobody and it is first in, best dressed. 

Indigenous leader Heather Sculthorpe accused the company of ripping off Aboriginal culture - and pronouncing the name incorrectly. And later praised the tactic of Louise Sales who registered the original domain name for this website (mtwellingtoncablecar.com.au) in protest. "Good on her. It is only fitting after the MWCC bought up domain names using the Aboriginal name for the mountain, kunanyi. Hopefully that will get through to Adrian Bold just what it's meant for him to do the same to us."

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