Like a Jehovahs Witnesses advertisementcable car videos portray the ride as a transcendental journey to Paradise Earth

In the MWCC "Masterplan" video advertisement, the journey is a swift and silent ascent from sea to summit. The sky is blue, the wind a snowflake-scattering breeze and the only metallic sound is the strumming of Garry Lewincamp's guitar strings.

The experience will not be like the video.

The video is fake. A cable car is not an eagle, it is a mass-tourism transit system, an aerial shuttle-bus. The "sky trams" are perspex boxes. Buses. Into them you will be herded like ... a bus passenger, with up to eighty others at a time. There are few seats. On busy days you would stand the whole way.

The MWCC does forewarn you with phrases like "loudspeakers", "glazing", "an interpretative story in a variety of languages" and "family-friendly". After a safety lesson on what to do if the car sticks between poles, and then a history lesson, the journey will begin and there will be ten seconds of awed silence. Savour it, because for the rest of the journey you will be subjected to every inane comment of the strangers surrounding you.

You will be looking over the heads of others to a window over safety rails. When you look down you will see the cable-car's shadow. Look out and you will see the other cable car. Look up and there is the cable itself and at each shudder, the pylon above it. On the bad days, there is the rain and the clouds and the wind. The "comfort threshold" beyond which the cable car will not operate is 80 kilometres an hour, but riding it any even half that speed will be vertiginous for many. The car will sway noticeably in any wind.

Mercifully, the journey will be short. The time to reach the Pinnacle will be less than seven minutes.

At the top you may observe the distant city from the cafe, grab a souvenir from the shop, then get back in the sky bus. The MWCC get the money. You gets a fright, a fog and forgettable coffee.

No? Watch the videos: this is what it is really like.

The ride will be a noisy, crowded metal and glass box offering