In 2017 a HOBART CABLE CAR SUPPORTER LOBBY group appeared on facebook. It is still running. Not long afterward, its administrator set up a “Secret group” alongside it. That’s where the MWCC shareholders and managers sought opinions and answered questions to the insiders openly, but no one else could read them.

The secret group had a mole and a swathe of the posts were leaked on Twitter and by Respect the Mountain and they make for gob-smacking reading.

Discussions include plans to hijack Council agendas, stuff election ballot boxes, trick the public, misrepresent supporters true pursuasion in order to maximise their influence, disrupt opponents by reserving seats at events they never intended to attend, hide financial contributions, defame and vilify opponents (including aldermen), troll social media sites, write letters using fake names, etc etc.


What follows is by comparison slight, but the MWCC’s Consultation page suggests that public feedback led to three significant modifications to the cable car. We are not convinced these modifications are “significant”, we are sceptical that the public suggested them, but, in any case, all three soon became redundant.

  1. Relocation of base terminal car-park to minimise impact on surrounding residential amenity.” This car-park (beside Cascade Brewery) has been abandoned.

  2. “Redesign of the cable cars from double to single decks to reduce the Section 2 tower heights.” Is it likely that such a technical design solution would arise from public feedback? We are suspicious.

  3. “Shortening the cableway to minimise visual impact in the lower foothills.” The cableway in the lower foothills has been abandoned.