for shame

In 2012 Mount Wellington cable car company claimed that the cable car was "fully funded" by three Canadian-based companies. The “companies” were fake and the announcement was a hoax.

And no amount of MWCC “myth busting” can justify the hoax.

To bust the myth, the investigative researcher Bob Burton contacted the three companies: BullWheel IC3, Creative Urban Projects and Cable Car Consultants. All three were based in Toronto, Canada, but not one had been incorporated at the time MWCC claimed they had funded the proposal. All three were owned and operated by one man: Mr Steven Dale. Dale had never funded, built or operated a cable car anywhere ever. He told Burton that cable cars were a "side interest". Read the jaw-dropping facts on the fake funders.

Soon after these revelations, the MWCC "terminated" this relationship—such as it was—and informed the public that is was seeking shareholders itself.

The first shares were issued in 2014. By the middle of 2018 the company had 16 shareholders and shares were $1.25 a piece. Together, the shareholders have about $1.2 million invested, but how much is cash and how much is "in-kind" is unknown. The financial status of the company is therefore unclear. What is certain is that the $1.2 million in share-holdings will need to be multiplied fifty fold in order to pay for a cable car.

What informal approvals? what secret funds? what hidden expenses have been paid? We can only wonder.
— Richard Flanagan

Why would any one invest in the Mount Wellington Cableway Company? It proffers a wildly unpopular idea, an endeavour in which it has no experience and that involves bastardising the stone soul of Hobart?

According to the economics commentator John Lawrence investing in companies like the MWCC appeals to high-risk takers. Those who buy in at the beginning face the highest risk but pay the lowest price and would enjoy the highest return if the venture succeeds. You can be an unlucky bastard, too.


The MWCC’s “Shareholder Centre" is password protected, but MWCC shareholders are not invisible. Click the link above to read all about them.