The cable car hangs by a thread. Your action could stop it.

10 things you can do



Learn how you can peacefully protest against the cable car at the top of the mountain. Check out the Bore Hole Sites.


There will be a public meeting on the cable car within City Hall in Hobart on Tuesday evening, April 16th commencing at 7.30 pm. You can email questions or submissions to the Council beforehand for consideration via Deadline April 10. Be there!


Tasmanian voters living in the Hobart Upper House electorate of Nelson will have the opportunity to elect a new member of the House in May (date to be decided based on the federal election date). This is a powerful opportunity to send a message. Vote for the mountain.


Follow the campaign. There are events, actions, tasks. Start at Respect the Mountain's facebook page and/or Mount Wellington Defenders


Visit the MWCC facebook page and get critical.

Tell the world what you think of the Mount Wellington Cableway Company’s proposal. Leave a review on Google Maps. Write a letter to your local newspaper to voice your view or call into a talkback radio station and air your support for the mountain. The Mercury


Write to Hobart’s 12 city councillors. Remind them why you love kunanyi and that they should not alter the prohibition on use of Council land for a cable car. Remind them that the management plan for the mountain identifies The Springs, not The Pinnacle, as the most appropriate location for visitor services. Remind them that the mountain holds enormous cultural significance to the Aboriginal community and everyone who loves kunanyi. Urge them to better scrutinise the activities of the Wellington Park Management Trust. Councillor email addresses are here:…/AldermenCouncillors/Current…


Write to the Labor Party. Forcible acquisition of the land required for the project may be the only option. That would require Labor Party support in both houses of the parliament. Ask Labor to commit to not supporting the forcible acquisition of public bushland for the Mt Wellington Cableway Company. No more special deals! Ask them not to support Major Projects legislation.

Write to Speaker Sue Hickey, MHR. Speaker Hickey is a representative of the Denison electorate. Make it clear that voting to forcibly acquire public bushland owned by the people of Hobart is not on. Suggest that, based on the recent Hobart City Council elections, for her to put her name to a cable car over the Organ Pipes and then ask the people of Hobart to vote for her would be a bad move.

Write to the Premier


Show off. Collect a bumper sticker from a conservation organisation. Be Hip. Buy a YourMountain funky cloth badges.


Go to the “Opponents” page. Sign up to receive updates from Residents Opposed to the Cable Car. Start your own campaign. Talk to a friend. Cook up an idea. Do it! Who knows? You can save the mountain.


Study the maps of the bore holes. Walk the Main Fire Trail and Old Farm Road fire trails, and the Myrtle Gully Track. Take the Climber’s Path to the Amphitheatre, the Organ Pipes Track and the Pinnacle. Stand on sacred ground. Prepare yourself to defend it.